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mypage4sure asked:

(about the character meme) Regina mills

I really suck at these but here we go :)

Why I like them: the character is just so fascinating and the actress is scary good

Favorite episode (scene if movie) The Thing You Love The Most
Favorite season/movie: season 1
Favorite line: I can’t think of any
Favorite outfit: I want them all
OTP: outlaw queen?
Brotp: Snow Queen
Head Canon: fears Granny lol
Unpopular opinion: I feel like the writers are ruining her redemption arc by ignoring her past evil deeds and antagonizing Snow and Eva for her to make her look good.
A wish: i want her to apologize to everyone and admit that Daniels death was not Snow’s fault.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: dying
5 words to best describe them: fierce, petty, fascinating, passionate and vengeful
My nickname for them: my queen












Wait, wait, wait, I have an amazing new idea. How about we fix the American school system.

one of my sisters friends got told last week that her natural hair was too blonde and that she needed to die it brown or she would get isolation for a week. Another of her friends had braids to make her Afro more manageable in the hot weather and to keep her head cooler and was told she had to take them out or cut them off.


Anonymous asked:

theres something i dont understand even tho ive always been Muslim, its just that even though islam gives women a high status why is it that women are the most oppressed and worst treated in Muslim countries such as Afghanistan where a women was persecuted for leaving her abusive husband and Pakistan where women are raped and dont get any justice for it in court either?Im just so confused as to why we dont get the rights Islam has given us but women in non muslim countries have those rights


Alhamdulilah I am glad you recognize that Islam does in fact give women a high status. Unfortunately it is the culture that is the oppressor, in the countries you mentioned and in others, it is the local culture that is restricting the women and oppressing them. The reason why this unfortunately happens is because people don’t know their religion and don’t know the rights of women in Islam. It is a great tragedy things like these happen and have become too common in many societies around the world. May Allah protect us and the women of our deen from the oppressors and may Allah give us knowledge in his deen so we may lead a life that He loves and so we can follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (SAW) because he truly treated the Women in his life the way she should be treated, give them the haqq and rights that they deserved. May Allah make us like the Prophet (SAW)


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